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"For me, art must be simple and easy to access. I like and I hope that my work leaves room for dreams and the happiness of life. Sometimes appearing too simple for some adults, but understood by all those who have kept a child's soul." 


Block513, lives between Paris, Brittany and London. The starting point of his plastic work finds its origins in his graphic research around the "Worms".


Coming from the Celtic and Scandinavian culture of Korrigans, Elves and Trolls, Block513's "Worms" form a graphic universe populated by funny and mischievous little beings. Neither human nor animal, some have only one head, others have only one arm ending in an arrow. Fantastic and supernatural, they come from nowhere and are often accompanied by flowers and objects diverted from everyday life.


In this marvelous, simple and joyful world, young and old find each other like in a waking dream.  


By his approach and his expression of the line, the artist creates an original graphic design. Through the rhythm of the line, he codifies a new form of writing. He seeks the boundary between the readable and the unreadable, methodically pursuing his work towards abstraction and minimalism.  


He is more particularly attracted by the idea of creating a pictorial language, which strikes the right balance between form, act and intention. Game of infinite variations of graffiti art with the different movements of abstract art and geometry of curves.


Today the "Worms" invade our daily lives. Block513 likes to intervene both outdoors and indoors with murals as well as on objects: skateboards, sneakers, pottery, jerrycans... Everyday objects that he rehabilitates in the form of sculpture so that they become works of art. . Draftsman and painter Block513 notably created a series of works on banknotes “Art is Money / Money is Art”. He likes to stick his tickets on the public highway: London, Paris...

On the Artprice side, his works are present in numerous international collections. 

3 blue garbage cans - Block513.png
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